Pre Kaged vs Pre Jym – Which Pre Workout Is Better?

Ever wondered what the difference was between Pre Kaged and Pre Jym? You have come to the right place. When it comes to pre-workout supplements, Pre Kaged and Pre Jym are two of the most popular products on the market today.

They pack a powerful punch with a mix of some of the best pre-workout ingredients out there and are often subject to rave reviews from gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Surprisingly, they are very similar each to each other and often confuse people who are trying to decide between the two. They both have almost identical branding, a similar name, similar ingredients, but even still, there are a few differences worth pointing out.

In this article, we will take a look at the main differences between these two supplements and find out which of them are the best to take with different goals in mind.

We will also dive a little deeper into the ingredients of the two and talk about the suggested serving sizes of each.

Main Differences

The first thing that we need to look into is the main difference between the two supplements. As we mentioned, they are similar products in many ways. They both have the same goal, to give the user as much energy, endurance, and power as possible during their workout.

Three of the main areas that pre-workout mixes aim to enhance are vasodilation, mental focus, and the prolonged ability to exercise at high intensities. Let’s see which one of the two does it best.

Pre Kaged

We will go more into the ingredients later, but we must point out that Pre Kaged is better for increasing vasodilation and muscle power during exercise. This is due it having a much higher concentration of Taurine and Betaine.

Taurine is known for increasing vasodilation, which allows the blood to pump through the body more easily. Betaine is known for giving its users extra power during a session and is associated with improving strength and muscle mass.

Pre Jym does contain these ingredients but in much lower doses. So as far as getting a good pump on is concerned, Pre Kaged takes the win.

Pre Jym

Pre Jym is the winner in the mental enhancement department. It comes with 300mg of caffeine, which is a fantastic pre-workout ingredient. It keeps us alert and mitigates any tiredness caused by a lack of sleep.

It also has higher quantities of Tyrosine, which is known to increase our cognitive functions, which can help us with our focus in the gym. Sometimes having an extra mental edge can give us a massive boost in the gym.

Pre Jym also takes the win for muscle recovery with a better ratio of BCAAs.

Which is stronger?

So this is more of a subjective question, as it is not possible to measure ‘strength’ with supplements such as these. As far as ingredients are concerned, they both have different strengths and are better for different reasons.

If you want to feel a good pump and feel more energy in your muscles, then Pre Kaged will be better in that respect. However, Pre Jym will have a ‘stronger’ feeling as it has more caffeine and contains more BCAAs

Which supplement is better for muscle growth and endurance

So one of the main reasons people go to the gym is to increase their strength and overall power output. This can only be done with repetitive weight training over a long period, but with the help of some pre-workouts, we can give ourselves a boost.

If we have more energy and don’t get quite as tired each session, then we can lift more and progress faster than we would without a supplement. If we can force out one extra rep for each exercise, then this will have a huge compounding effect over the long term.

So Pre Kaged vs Pre Jym, which one is better for muscle growth and endurance? Let’s take a look.

Pre Kaged

As far as muscle growth and endurance are concerned, Pre Kaged does pretty well. It has all of the ingredients you would want from a pre-workout and in reasonable quantities too. It has a substantial amount of creatine present, albeit not as much as Pre Jym.

As we mentioned above, Pre Kaged does contain more BCAAs, but not as in the optimal ratio as Pre Jym is. This will could potentially hinder muscle growth over the long term.

The higher levels of Beatine will give you more power in the gym and will let you get out extra reps. The higher Taurine levels will also have a similar effect, increasing vasodilation and keeping your muscles oxygenated during exercise.

This keeps lactic acid at bay for longer. For muscle growth and endurance, this supplement will be beneficial as it increases your output at the gym. You can work harder for longer.

What we like

  • Great taste
  • Ingredients give better vasodilation
  • More Betaine and Taurine
  • Has patented forms of the ingredients

What we don’t like

  • BCAAs are not 2:1:1 ratio

Pre Jym

The most glaring benefit of Pre Jym is its more optimal ratio of BCAA’s. It comes in the proven 2:1:1 ratio that is known to help with muscle endurance and growth. You can also find higher levels of beta-alanine present in Pre Jym

Pre Jym also boasts a higher concentration of creatine too. This is another ingredient that is renowned for its muscle-building properties. Pre Jym having 500mg more creatine than its competitor gives it a significant advantage in the muscle-building department.

The main draw of Pre Jym is the metal benefits are provided with a higher concentration of ingredients such as Tyrosine and Caffeine. If you’re the kind of person that likes to feel full of energy with a solid mental focus, then Pre Jym can deliver this.

What we like

  • 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs
  • More caffeine
  • High creatine content
  • More beta-alanine

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t make us feel as pumped as Pre Kaged
  • Not the best taste
  • Non patented ingredients

Ingredients breakdown

Ingredient Pre Kaged Pre Jym
Creatine ☑️  1.5g ☑️ 2g
BCAAs ☑️ 6.5g ☑️ 6g
2:1:1 BCAAs ☑️
Caffeine ☑️ 276mg ☑️ 300mg
Taurine ☑️ 2g ☑️ 1g
Tyrosine ☑️ 850mg ☑️ 1500mg
Natural Flavors ☑️
Coconut Water ☑️
Patented Creatine ☑️
L-Citrulline ☑️ 6.5g
Citrulline Malate ☑️ 6g
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Size and Servings

Let’s take a look at the serving sizes for each supplement.

Pre Kaged

Serving Size – 1 Scoop – 30.2g
Servings per container – 20
Total grams – 604g

Available flavors with flavor rating:

Berry Blast – 9
Fruit Punch – 8.8
Krisp Apple -8.4
Orange Krush – 8.6

Pre Jym

Serving Size – 1 Scoop – 26g
Servings per container – 30
Total grams – 780g

Available flavors with flavor rating:

Cherry Limeade – 8.4
Orange Mango – 8.5
Raspberry Lemonade – 8.4

Who should go for Pre Kaged?

Pre Kaged is the clear winner if you are looking to get a good pump for your workout. The ingredients in Pre Kaged are tailored more towards increasing vasodilation and allowing your muscles to remain oxygenated for longer.

If you are looking to get more out of your exercises and push yourself that little bit harder in your sessions, then Pre Kaged will be your best bet.

Who should go for Pre Jym?

Pre Jym is better for those who are looking for an increased mental edge rather than a physical pump. It all depends on what type of trainer you are. The increased caffein and Tyrosine can go a long way to helping you maintain focus.

Pre Jym also contains more creatine and a better ratio of BCAA’s, which may prove beneficial for developing more muscle over the long term.

Bottom Line

All in all, these products are both very similar. You can’t go wrong with either one as they are both fantastic and include pretty much the same ingredients, just in different quantities.

As mentioned above, go for Pre Kaged if you want to get a better pump, and you prefer your pre-workout to make you feel physically stronger in the gym. You should find yourself pushing out one or to extra reps each time, which can be a considerable boost in the long run.

Pre Jym is better for achieving the mental sharpness that we need in the gym. If you struggle with staying alert and you drain mentally before your muscles do, then opt for this one.

Pre Jym also boasts a better ratio of BCAA’s and more creatine, both of which are crucial for protein synthesis and muscle generation. In the long run, you will likely see better strength returns from Pre Jym.

Overall, if we had to pick one clear winner, then Pre Kaged would win by a whisker. However, it all depends on your type of training and what you are looking to achieve. Tailor your supplements to your workout regime for the best results.

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